Oral Bacteria Might Be The Cause of Your Wicked Headache


Why that Juicy Bacon Might not be a Good Idea After All.

According to an analysis of the data supplied by the American Gut Project, many migraine sufferers share a very strange similarity: an abundance of certain strains of bacterium in their mouth and gut that turn nitrates found in food into headache-producing nitric oxide.

That’s right, not only will that juicy strip of bacon clog your arteries and exacerbate hypertension, the nitrates might also give you a headache if you are one of the unlucky people who host a large number of these nitrate-reducing bacterium in their mouths. Researchers at the University of San Diego School of Medicine have discovered that individuals who suffer from migraines, have significantly more nitrate-reducing bacteria colonizing their mouths. Unfortunately, that means high-nitrate foods, such as chocolate, wine, leafy greens, and yes, bacon, are liable to cause pain down the road as microbes, particularly Rothia mucilaginosa, and Haemophilus parainfluenza, transform nitrates into fuel and spit out waste nitrite.

But don’t throw out all those delicious nitrate-rich foods just yet.

The UCSD School of Medicine also speculated that these same head-busting bacteria might actually be serving a useful purpose by improving our heart health through nitrite production. Nitrites are often prescribed by doctors for those with heart disease and, perhaps you can see where this is connected, these patients often suffer from migraines.

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Victoria K.


Control Your Health By Controlling Your Mouth

As it turns out, our oral microbiomes are an incredibly important part of our overall health. Microbial imbalances can cause major problems. In fact, one of the primary causes of periodontal disease and gum disease is simply an imbalance of destructive bacteria relative to competing colonies of other harmless varieties of microbes.

Regular and routine teeth cleaning on a daily basis and at ArtLab Dentistry or your local dentist’s office will go a long way towards controlling oral bacteria and ensuring not only good dental longevity but better health overall!

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