What is "New Smile in a Day?"

Delivering exactly what the name suggests, the results of this procedure are just short of miraculous, to say the least. Any missing, crooked, diseased and decaying teeth or any similar imperfection you have at the day’s start will not be there by the end. You truly get a new smile in a single day at ArtLab Dentistry.

Developed over a decade and a half ago in Europe, the new-smile-in-a-day procedure is a revolutionary method of replacing a full smile in a single day. Although it’s not as mainstream in the US as it is in Europe, it is an approved treatment that is routinely successful and results in beautiful results.

When dealing with total or almost total tooth loss, there is no better procedure than the new-smile-in-a-day procedure. Because it can reinvent your smile in a matter of hours, it is truly a groundbreaking treatment, shaving six months to a full year off of the usual dental implant process. This entire life-changing process is done in-house by one of the best cosmetic dentist around, Dr. Reshad.

My mom would still be covering her mouth to smile if it wasn't for Dr. Reshad!

She had just a few of her own original teeth in her mouth before her implants. Dr. Reshad did such a superb job, not just by giving her a perfect smile with a full set of teeth implants, but making the experience as comfortable as possible for my 75-year-old mom.

As you can imagine, we had to make quite a few trips to see Dr. Reshad! He treated my mom and worked on her teeth as if he was treating his own mom. Throughout every single procedure, whether it was as easy as an X-ray or as hard as an extraction, he made sure my mom was well taken care of.

Of course, his own constant smiles and upbeat personality, not just with us, but with the entire staff and other patients, was something that made my mom (and me) look forward to the next visits. If you're looking for the BEST of the BEST, don't look any further!

My mom's smiles today, ten years after the procedure, show how happy she still is with her implants.

Thank you Dr. Reshad and staff!
Mina D.
Santa Monica, CA

How is New Smile in a Day Possible?

Before the advent of dental implants, the only option for tooth loss was full or partial dentures. Though structurally not ideal, they did give patients the utility of having functioning teeth after edentulism (tooth loss). Though the benefits outweighed the disadvantages at the time, one of the major complications of dentures was the lack of tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone. With no pressure placed on the bones of the jaw, they begin to deteriorate and can cause a whole host of new complications, including a disappearing jawline.

Dental implants solve this issue. Because they are installed into the bones of one’s jaw, dental implants give the jaw the stimulation needed to maintain healthy bone regeneration. Dental implants are made of porous materials such as titanium that the jawbones can heal around, thereby making the implant essentially a part of one’s mouth structure. Once it becomes firmly attached to the jawbone, a crown or bridge is connected to the implant, completing the process of the dental implant treatment. Dental implants are the only tooth-loss solution that emulates natural teeth and maintains healthy root structures.

With dental implants, the drawback has been the healing time necessary for the jaw to heal around the implant. From implant installation to crown attachment can take from 4 to 12 months, and longer in some cases, and is not an ideal repair for patients experiencing total tooth loss. Before the New-Smile-in-a-Day procedure was introduced, not only would patients have to wait months before the full arch was installed, but it would also take six to ten separate implants to hold it in place, which was hard on patients’ wallets and also their mouths.

The new-smile-in-a-day procedure was made possible when dental surgeons discovered that rear dental implants are immensely stronger when installed into the jaw at a 45-degree angle. By doing so, not only does it take advantage of jawbone not usually used, but also reduces the required number of implants down to 4 – 6 for each full arch replacement. This means a full arch can be replaced the same day, saving patients from months of anxious waiting. This whole process of extraction, implantation and porcelain crown creation is done in-house using our facility’s cutting-edge equipment. You can walk into ArtLab Dentistry in the morning and walk out in the evening with a brand new smile.

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