Maxillary Obturator - Dillip

Our patient Dillip came to ArtLab Dentistry for help with a large defect in his mouth. He had undergone a major maxillectomy, having his right upper jaw resected. He was left with a large hole in the roof of his mouth, which made eating and speech very difficult.

Dillip’s treatment plan was to create a maxillary obturator to cover the defect and enable him to eat and speak properly. Dillip was unable to open his mouth for impressions, so we were able to use 3-D scanning technology to assist with his case as well as create the obturator to the correct precise measurements.

At ArtLab Dentistry we were able to rebuild Dillip’s smile, confidence, function, quality of life, and most importantly, his speech. Listen to the two below videos, before and after he received his obturator.

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