Dental Implants – Oliver

Oliver came to ArtLab Dentistry seeking a more permanent solution for his dental problems, which included an uncomfortable denture.

After extensive research and many consults that Oliver conducted in his home country of Canada as well as in the United States, Oliver decided he would receive the best care at ArtLab Dentistry.

Before and After Oliver Dental Implants

Finding a Solution

Oliver traveled from Winnipeg to visit Dr. Reshad, and along with the help of Dr. Amir Aalam at the Center for Advanced Periodontics and Implant Therapy, together we were able to help and treat him successfully.

Oliver is a pilot and has an active and busy life. He did not want to have to wear a larger denture than he was already wearing and had ongoing problems with the discomfort of the denture, not to mention the food that was getting trapped under it.

Before Oliver Dental Implant
Before Oliver Dental Implant

Why The Right Strategy & Professional Doctor Matters

What is unique about Oliver’s case is that he was previously told that he could get dental implants only in the front of his upper jaw but not in the back because he had no bone. At the young age of 50, the only option he had been given was wearing a denture.

Beyond All On 4 Dental Implants

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Reshad verified that Oliver did not have enough bone in the back of his mouth to support dental implants. However, due to advanced technology and our Beyond All On 4 Advanced Dental Implant service that we have at ArtLab Dentistry, we determined that we could place longer implants into the cheekbones or the zygoma. We also could place implants further back into another region called the pterygoid bone. We find that many of our patients like Oliver can even get their implants placed without needing to have a sinus lift.

Treatment Begins

After his initial consultation, Oliver returned to ArtLab Dentistry, and our team began treatment by removing the remaining bad teeth from his upper jaw.

We were also able to place regular dental implants into the front of his jaw as well. The tricky part of the procedure was in the back, or posterior, of the upper jaw where bone was missing.

Improved Quality of Life

In the back of the jaw, we placed zygomatic implants.

Because of the way we placed those implants, we were able to load them, which meant that we could attach provisional teeth to the implants the same day.

Oliver was able to have an improved quality of life the same day his surgery was performed. After a few days of rest in Los Angeles, he flew back home to Canada to get on with his life and enjoy his new provisional fixed upper teeth.

Oliver beyond Xrays 1
Oliver beyond Xrays 2
Oliver beyond Xrays 3
Oliver Dental Implant xray 1
Oliver Dental Implant xray 2

Final Restorations

Oliver’s treatment was completed after two more short day trips to Los Angeles. He now has teeth that are very sturdy with no cantilevers but with excellent support that should last him a lifetime. Our extensive and sophisticated planning process effectively reduces or eliminates potentially destructive cantilevers.

It’s important to understand that zygomatic implants and the pterygoid implants are essential tools that allow us to provide our patients with implants — without sinus lifts and without grafting. But also our technique allows these dental restorations to last a long time.

The way we manage the soft tissue during the surgery and manipulate and control the gums and the way they wrap around implants allow a healthy, strong environment for a lifetime of survival. Also, the way we manage the restoration, the temporary teeth, as well as the final, allows the final restoration to be esthetic, viable, biologically sound, and functionally effective.

All the aspects, from proper diagnosis in the beginning to appropriate management and planning during the surgical and immediate loading phase, and delivering the final prosthesis allowed Oliver to have a restoration that will last him a lifetime.

After Oliver upper Dental Implant 1
After Oliver upper Dental Implant 2
Oliver Final Prosthesis

Final Prosthesis

The final prosthesis is designed to allow excellent tissue health and avoid fractures and chipping in the long term.

That is the difference with our Beyond All On 4 Advanced Dental Implants concept. It’s something that you can benefit from if you’ve been told that you do not have enough bone.

Trust yourself with the experts. We have been performing and perfecting these procedures for decades. Our doctors are proud educators and leaders in this area and look forward to improving your quality of life.

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