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Michelle came to ArtLab Dentistry wanting to improve her smile. She wanted a complete smile makeover and thought she might need an All-on-4 treatment for both jaws.

She didn’t want to wear a partial denture anymore for many reasons. It was really uncomfortable, she couldn’t taste her food or eat what she wanted, and the partial was discolored and unattractive, making her not want to smile for any photos. Food was always getting trapped beneath her partial, which made her teeth and gums very sore.

Before Michelle Dental Implants
After Michelle Dental Implants

After her evaluation, Dr. Reshad advised that Michelle didn’t need to have her entire mouth redone. We could treat the upper jaw and just part of the lower jaw to bring her teeth and smile back into health. Since she wouldn’t need an entire full mouth makeover, the cost would be reduced and limited to one jaw. Michelle’s investment could be made with attractive zirconia or ceramic restorations in the upper jaw.

The treatment plan was a combination of tooth and implant-supported prosthesis and an increased vertical dimension for our lovely patient Michelle.

Michelle was so excited during the process, she posted this Google review, even before getting her temporary teeth:

“This is the fourth time I’ve started this review. There’s so much more to the story of how I ended up at ArtLab Dentistry but I guess everyone has a story. Anyway, I was interested in full mouth reconstruction and after watching the procedures on YouTube I was terrified. However, after the last mishap with my upper partial (front tooth fell out luckily I found it and crazy glued it) I mustered up the courage to begin my journey. After researching several dentists I came upon Dr. Reshad and was impressed by his bio which is quite impressive. Here I go carrying on again. After meeting with him we decided on a treatment plan to fit my needs. Full restoration upper using traditional implants and bridges. Teeth bleaching, filing and two implants on the lower.

We began in August 2017 and I can’t even find the right words to truly describe what a wonderful man he is. So patient, knowledgeable, perfectionist, a true artist that has a way of making you feel comfortable from the start. Thus far I have had a bad infection treated, a couple of teeth pulled, bone grafting and nine implants placed all in one visit while under a pill that just relaxed me. The recovery was not what I imagined – there was minimal discomfort. I recently went in and had my upper and lower impressions done and will be getting my trial teeth in two weeks. I’m so excited. If you’re looking for a place for cosmetic dentistry look no more. You will not be disappointed. I will keep you posted on the outcome.”

Before Michelle Dental Implants teeth
Before upper teeth Michelle Dental Implants
before upper treatment Dental Implants
Before Michelle Dental Implants teeth 2
Before Michelle Dental Implants lower teeth
Before smile Dental Implants
proposed treatment
proposed smile design
Michelle old partials

Michelle's old partials

Michelle now has a fully healthy and beautiful aesthetic smile and is enjoying her life. The treatment was originally designed to be finished in one year. However, we were able to complete her treatment in only nine months.

What is also noteworthy in this case is that we wanted to correct the length of Michelle’s upper natural teeth which were very short. By planning the case properly and designing the implants in the right way, we were able to put the upper implants a little deeper in such a way that her new teeth would be the correct length and shape. The proposed smile design is shown in the above photos. Michelle’s smile is beautiful, balanced, elegant, and no longer a “gummy” smile.

After upper Dental Implants
After Treatment Michelle teeth
After Dental Implants Michelle side Smile
After Dental Implants Michelle side Smile 1

Listen as Michelle Describes Her Experience at ArtLab Dentistry...

In her own words...

“Hello, my name is Michelle. I came to ArtLab approximately a year ago in search of a more permanent solution. I had a full upper rehab. The reason I came, I was wearing a partial for several years and I just wasn’t happy with my smile and decided it was time to do something about it. I researched and found Dr. Reshad. The process, believe me when I say painless, I really mean painless. I’m really afraid of the dentist, not afraid, but uncomfortable.

When I came (for my appointment) Dr. Reshad explained to me the different options I had available and what it entailed, and we got started. From day one everything went along just as planned. He was very very attentive, professional, knowledgeable, and a true expert in his craft, an artist. Whatever he recommended was fine with me. We didn’t deviate, everything was perfect, as you can see. 

The process was supposed to take approximately one year but we finished in nine months with the healing and everything. I kept all my appointments and I can say it’s the best decision that I’ve ever made and I’m truly happy with my smile. If you’re thinking of having any type of cosmetic dentistry done, I would refer you here to ArtLab Dentistry. You’ll be happy.”

Before and After Michelle Dental Implants Smile

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