All-on-4 Dental Implants – John J.

John came to us having suffered from bad teeth for many years. He was now ready to have them fixed. John had a lot of damage, including missing teeth as well as problems from smoking. Because of the damage, his case wasn’t a straightforward procedure. He needed advanced therapy which we were able to provide here at ArtLab Dentistry.

John Before After Smile

To complicate matters, John works in the entertainment industry, surrounded by movie stars and celebrities, and had to maintain a good appearance throughout his care, which took about nine months. In addition, John was a long-time smoker. With the help of ArtLab Dentistry’s anti-smoking protocols, not only did we change his appearance, but we improved his quality of life by helping him to stop smoking.

John Teeth Before
John Smile Before

All-On-4® Dental Implants

John looks years younger, not just because of the way his teeth look, but also because his skin looks years younger after giving up smoking.

We restored his smile with our All-On-4 dental implants treatment. We provided fixed provisional restorations maintained during his treatment, which looked great and functioned beautifully all the way through treatment.

John’s new smile is an outstanding bright, white outcome made from the latest technology zirconia teeth. These are particularly strong teeth made from monolithic zirconia. This type of zirconia has no additional layering of ceramic over the top, making it very strong. In addition, we incorporated some gold-colored framework to support the zirconia.

John After Smile
John Pano Before
Gold Bar Support
John Pano After

John routinely visits our office for regular care and maintenance. We expect his final restorations to last him for decades to come.

Listen to what John has to say about his experience.

In John's own words...

“I’ll tell you, if you choose ArtLab Dentistry to get your teeth done, you’ll have chosen the best place to have the work done. I did a lot of research, I visited a lot of places, I talked to a lot of doctors before I came here. This was the first place where I felt like they cared more about me, cared more about what I was going to go through, than just the number or what came out of my wallet. They were very personal, from the staff to Dr. Reshad, they showed nothing but care for me. They talked me through every step. I never felt so comfortable my entire life.

Dr. Reshad has definitely changed my life. I have a beautiful smile now. I no longer smoke, it made me quit — something that I had been doing for a lot of years.
His staff is personable, as well as he is, they make you feel at home, really comfortable. I had all kinds of fears until I came here, I had none. They spoke honestly with me, they told me what was going to happen from step one to the very end.

And here I am at the very end with a smile that I love, and I couldn’t be happier. If you choose ArtLab, you’ll have chosen the right place to get your work done.”

Dr Reshad with John
John Patient

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