Before and After: Dental Implants

Dental-Implants-1-BeforeDental Implants

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 1

Dental Implants


This patient was involved in a motorbike accident in Arizona (where she lived) losing front teeth and a lot of bone underneath. After many surgeries and implant placement, the only way to restore her smile was to use clever pink ceramic techniques to replace the missing bone and gum tissues. The teeth were then replaced in a natural way. This patient was able to carry on with her young life as normal and with a smile befitting of her youth and was able to continue with her acting career successfully.

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Dental-Implants-5-BeforeArtLab Dentistry Patient 2

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 2

Dental-Implants-2-BeforeArtLab Dentistry Patient 3

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 3

Dental-Implants-3-BeforeArtLab Dentistry Patient 4

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 4

Dental-Implants-4-BeforeArtLab Dentistry Patient 5

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 5

Dental-Implants-1-BeforeDental Implants

ArtLab Dentistry Patient 6

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